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Easy to Use

You dont have to be a geek to spend money. eMunie was built with the end user in mind, and we believe it should be made simple.

Fast Transactions

Transactions are processed at super fast speeds - no need to wait hours or even minutes. We think it's time the world steps up to the super fast digital age.

Currency Exchange

eMunie has a built in currency exchange so EMU can be traded directly within eMunie for USD, EUR, GBP, BTC, LTC - all existing currencies are compatible.

Encrypted Transactions

Transactions and associated information are securely encrypted by default. What you do with your money should be private.


The highest level of security that technology can provide you, yet packaged with the consumer in mind for ease of use.

Merchant Approval

With unprecedented stability along with fast, cheap in-store point of sale payments, merchants will be a determined goal.


Own your value, not the banks. Being decentralized gives clear advantages over the traditional financial systems and methods.

Save Money

Sending money with eMunie is cheap. Stop throwing away money for overpriced transfers.

Try out the beta today!

Unfortunately there are no open public beta clients available for evaluation at this time.

However if you wish to apply for a position on the closed beta testing team, you may request access in this forum thread